Additional Services

Will Storage – £36.00 per annum

Once you’ve written your Will where will you store it? We recommend using our safe storage facility.

The benefits:

1) Your Will(s) we be kept under lock and key in our fire proof safe.

2) For this small annual premium we will write to your executors advising them where your Will is stored and give them a storage certificate, so that if they ever need to retrieve your Will they can do so with ease.

3) If we have written Mirror Wills for you we will only charge you for the storage of one Will.

Commentary – £20.00 each, or £30.00 for a pair

This provides a detailed explanation of the contents of your Will and the clauses contained within it. It explains your Will line by line, and is tailored to your individual Will.

Land Registry Search – £15.00

Search the register and apply for a copy of the Land Registry entry for your property.