Single Will – starting from £175.00

Mirror Will – starting from £230.00

(Our basic Wills contain the family 18-25 Trust, which is adequate for most families and couples).


Trusts can be included in your Will(s) if required. We will only incorporate a Trust into your Will if you require it, and as these trusts incur an additional cost we will only include them in your Will(s) if you are happy for us to do so. The price for these Trusts is charged in addition to the cost of your basic Will(s).

Discretionary Trust – £275.00

Rather than gifting the residue outright it can be held for any period on a Discretionary Trust, useful when children are in need of protection such as drug or drink dependency.

Disabled Persons Trust (Discretionary Trust) – £375

Rather than gifting the residue outright it can be held for any period on a Discretionary Trust, useful when a child is disabled and will need ongoing support throughout their lifetime, and this Trust will not affect any means-tested benefits that they receive.

Property Trust (often referred to as a Property Protection Trust/ Life Interest) – £275.00

Puts the family home into trust for the children whilst allowing the clients to live in the property.

Charity Discretionary Trust – £75.00

This could be used for several charities, with no one charity having a particular claim.

Trust Deed – £400.00 for two Deeds

The Trust Deeds are written by a qualified solictior on our behalf

A Trust Deed is used when you have two or more people who own a property on a Tenants in Common basis. The Deed gives each person the right to first refusal to buyout the shares in the property if one of the owners passes away. This helps remove the risk of the other tenants being forced to sell them home so that the benefiticaries of the deceased’ s Will can inherit.

IOU Loan Trust – £450.00

These are often used for unmarried couples to mitigate IHT. It allows the surviving partner to “borrow” from the estate of the deceased.

Flexible Life Interest Trust – £675.00 (F.L.I.T.)

A life interest trust (IPDI) and a property trust which can be converted to a different type of trust at any point in the future.

Lasting Powers of Attorney – Health & Welfare – Property & Financial Affairs – £250.00 each

This includes the registration fee with the OPG (Office of the Public Guardian) at a cost of £82.00 per application.

For more information please see our Lasting Powers of Attorney page.

Advance Decisions – £150.00

For more information please see our Advance Decision page.

Prices valid from 1st December 2020.